Book Review!

0426EN_PacketSimulatorHey, I recently reviewed a book on Cisco Packet Tracer, book is published and available for sale now, here is the link



2 thoughts on “Book Review!

  1. We use the tool in the school.
    I have to say its a really great tool, easy to use with a variety of actions.

    I have some questions, maybe you can help me: When I chose a wireless router model , why cant I add more ethernet ports, and use it as a normal router, like specifiy with which IP the router is which network (switches on eth)?

    I always have to add a normal router for connecting switches and all this. More realistic would be a WLAN router + support for those switches.

    Would be glad if you could help, cheers 😀

    • Hi Eduard,
      If I understand your question correctly, you would like to extend the number of wired connections a wireless router can support, but cant do it directly with the Wireless router itself and have to add a normal router or a switch link in between. I guess, this in fact is due to the constraint in the number of ethernet port(inspired by the practical design of wrouters), but no doubt there could be a provision to add more modules to the device.

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