Gnome OPW: Final Report

I would like to start this entry with a whoop-de-Doo and a big hurrah! My OPW internship with Gnome Responsive project is finally over 😀 (although my work is not 😉 ). The three months altogether marked an incredible journey, and especially the last one went by like a flash(work sleep eat work… :P). After the GUADEC trip, I was more than excited to continue the work on the main website after getting a lot of technical and design inputs from my mentors Andreas & Fabiana, Allan, Garret etc. and after various discussions on different design aspects of the website, all of the pages have now been made responsive.

The website now uses Bootstrap(12 column grid) responsive framework. This is in consistency with the OPW: website which also uses the same framework and is responsive now.


A proper responsive navigation is at place (screenshot attached for various devices) and design is consistent with the current navigation structure. The sub-menu structure in Gnome Foundation has been dissolved and everything is now accessible via the main navigation menu. Breadcrumbs have been added to make the navigation process even easier. There have been some more changes in the design, most of which are view-able in smaller screens (< 768 px).

789px_expand 989px_condense 989px_expand 989px_subnav smart_collapse smart_expand smart_subnav 

The Testing-Found a bug-Again testing-Found a bug again phase is on and there are a few minor changes to be done before it is finally committed onto the main website(too excited for that!). And at last, but obviously not the least I would like to thank my mentors Andreas Nilsson and Fabiana Simoes for all the help and support they have given me throughout the project. I would also like to thank Andrea Veri for bearing with the web development team the entire time we were stuck with VPN and testing instances 🙂