Here I come and go! GUADEC-2013 (contd! :D)

I forgot to mention in my previous blog about the wonderful  Women’s dinner, welcome dinner at Fleda and the exciting guided tour around Brno. Each and every event was a celebration in its own way and cheers to Red Hat, Mozilla and Igalia for sponsoring such events.

GUADEC volunteer

The core conference days were over on 4th and we took a breath to discover more and travel more. We went to Prague for a one day trip and met more people and explored the beautiful and heroic history of the city(our tour guide was awesome! ;)).

The next day were scheduled marketing and web-development hack fest. I worked with my mentors Andreas and Fabiana, Andrea V, Allan, Garrett and many more people on my project and had intense discussions on the related topics. The day ended with a low lingering feeling that it was the my last day and it is time to go back. We bid farewell to our mentors and other present fellow attendees and took the flight back to India.

P.S. It was sometimes difficult to search for a vegetarian place to eat at , but apart from that it was a fun-filled journey.

I am really grateful to Gnome Foundation for funding my travel and all the organizers for putting together such a wonderful conference.






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