Responsive Design: First Step

The last three weeks have been full of excitement and happenings and due to this busy schedule I have not been able to update this wall recently. To get started with a bang, the opw site is now responsive (!. My experiment with responsiveness started with using written by Nathan Smith. It is of course lightweight and felt like a perfect solution for a relatively simple website of OPW. However the major issue was to maintain a single framework for responsiveness across all Gnome websites to maintain uniformity. Gnome main website is not as simple as the OPW one and is also based on WordPress. A proper framework would make the work simpler and propose standard solutions(instead of preparing your own CSS file for every device size and loading it accordingly with adapt.js). Bootstrap felt like an intuitive solution because of its customization features, ease of use and large development and user community available. Once the normal framework responsiveness is achieved, there is no doubt required a lot of tinkering and adjustments here and there to achieve exactly what you want and there is always somebody out there to help you with some awesome tricks!

The OPW site is now responsive and the next thing is the main gnome website! #excited


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